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 multifarious (muhl-tuh-fair-ee-uhs)       - having many varied parts or aspects 

International trio featuring Susan Mayo - cello, Sue McKenzie -saxophones and Paul Elwood - banjo (US/US/UK).

From jazz and avant-garde via deconstructed bluegrass, the trio weaves inventive improvisations amongst diverse sounds. Their debut album, Incidents, can be downloaded here.


Their music has been played on BBC Radio 3 "Freeness", Radio Cambridge, Radio Jazz Kultura (Krakow) and WUTC Radio.


Performances include Le Jam and Le Corbusier (Marseille, FR), Broadcast (Glasgow, UK), Cadek Hall (Chattanooga), Kontesa Jazz Club (Zagreb, Croatia), Riney Fine Arts Center (Wichita), Chase Fine Arts Centre (Utah), Barking Legs Theatre (Chattanooga)Fisch Haus (Wichita), Campus Commons (Colorado) and the Thad Cochrane Centre Grand Ballroom (Mississippi), Music Meeting Festival (Netherlands) and for Dutch TV station VPRO Vrije Geluiden.

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